Do you feel the call to go deeper within yourself and 'untame' your truest, wildest, most authentic human expression?


 I believe it is our birthright to experience all of life’s pleasures, but I have discovered that through trauma, conditioning, and subconscious protection women have learned not to give themselves permission to do so. This is why I have answered the call to hold sacred space for women to step into their innate power, connect to their sexuality, and express themselves via a combination of breathwork, yoga, dance, meditation, journal prompts, singing, and chanting. Start living in alignment with your true essence. 

My soul wants to expand,

But my Ego, my identify self
Is playing it small and safe.
I fear that if I expand
As big as I feel I am meant to
I will expand so much that I will
Outgrow my entire life as I know it
And everything will have to change.

There is a cost to NOT living a life that is in alignment with your authentic self. Because the form our life takes on the outside is always reflective of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. My intention in working with women inside the structure of a private mentorship is to uproot what lies beneath the surface of your mind, bringing light to the darkness so you can imagine and manifest a more true and beautiful life for yourself. 

Bianca Lotus Lifestyle Modalities for Empowerment


  • Improves Mental Clarity

  • Regulates/balances the nervous system

  • Builds sexual life force energy (Chi, Taoism) for creation and vitality

  • Improves lung function

  • Energizes and empowers one to take action


  • Regulates and balances body weight

  • Improves Mental Clarity

  • Develops concentration and focus

  • Increases strength and flexibility of body and mind

  • Improves body awareness

Ecstatic Dance

  • Out of mind, into the body.

  • It frees the mind from suffering caused by attachments.

  • It’s fun and playful, a place for your inner child to play.

  • A safe space to express your emotions.

  • Regulates and balances your body weight

  • Promotes acceptance of your body and expression

Self- Pleasure

  • Learn how to be responsible for your own pleasure

  • Realize pleasure comes from within

  • Get to know what turns you on and how

  • Space to safely express your emotions and deepest desires

  • Promotes body love, expression, and acceptance

  • Reclamation of body and pleasure

Breast Massage

  • Opens and clears tension or stagnant energy around the heart

  • Firms and fills the breast tissue

  • Clears lymph stagnation

  • Cancer prevention

  • Warms up your body for deeper and more intimate sexual experiences

Yoni Eggwork

  • Strengthens Vaginal Muscles

  • Clears Energetic stagnation that may be stored from traumatic experiences

  • Self-lubrication, a wetter more juicy vagina

  • More powerful and pleasurable orgasm

  • Reclamation of sexuality, vagina, and pleasure.

  • A deeper connection to your womb space and pleasure center

When working with me, the experience I provide with be curated to YOUR NEEDS! 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to healing.