I hold space for women to untame their wild and reclaim their authentic self through yoga, breathwork, music & ecstatic dance.

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 I believe it is our birthright to experience all of life’s pleasures, but I have discovered that through trauma, conditioning, and subconscious protection women have learned not to give themselves permission to do so. This is why I have answered the call to hold sacred space for women to step into their innate power, connect to their sexuality, and express themselves via a combination of breathwork, yoga, dance, meditation, journal prompts, singing, and chanting. Start living in alignment with your true essence. 

Do you feel the call to go deeper within yourself and 'untame' your truest, wildest, most authentic human expression?






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Feel the call to go deeper within yourself and 'untame' your truest, wildest, most authentic human expression?


You are safe. You are held. You are loved.

I want you to know you matter. I want you to know you are supported, you are loved, and you are seen. Just as you are, for who you are.  

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It was my physical body that called me first onto the path of healing. As a young vocalist struggling with asthma, my coach suggested I try yoga classes to strengthen my breathing. So that's what I did. And as I immersed myself deeper into a yoga practice, I quickly became aware that it was more than my breathing getting stronger. Typically content to blend amongst a choir of other voices, I was beginning to hear my own.


Grounded by a new foundation and energized in ways I never felt before, I knew I wanted to travel this path further. So in 2008, I completed my first 200-hour course at the Yoga Teacher Training Institute of Long Island. Through this training, I learned that connection to self isn’t something you find only when you need it, but rather a disciplined practice that would require me to show up to it daily. 

Connected to something bigger and committed to learning more, I immersed myself in self-development through Vipassana Meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Leadership Courses such as Landmark Education, and Bhakti Yoga. I have been blessed to teach these principles around the world, seeing as many as 1200 students a week, in corporate fitness environments, boutique yoga studios, yoga workshops, teacher training, with private students, and on retreat. But despite all my teachings, practices, and tools...

My wild was still calling to be untamed. 


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You see, I was still living a life in service to my ego. You know that little voice inside your head that whispers you're not enough and supports it with a million reasons why. Well, that little voice told me that I'd be "enough" when I was married to a "good man." A man who adored me, provided a home for me, and financial stability. A man who by societal standards made the perfect partner and father. And by all the external reflections of those beliefs, my man did. But when I looked within, there was nothing about the life I was living, other than our daughter, that felt like a reflection of my truest self and desires. Apparently, the ego's version of me was sexually disassociated, repressed, unexpressed, and disconnected. But there was another version of me, calling out in that same voice I had found through yoga. The voice of my soul. 

To embody this voice meant I'd have to make a choice. Stay in service to my ego, playing it small and safe, or allow myself to 'dis'cover and expand into the fully-expressed, pleasure-filled, untamed woman that was calling me into being. I chose me. And I chose my daughter. Aware that my self-expression, or lack of, would forever shape the woman she is to become. 

Was I scared to be walking away from everything that I attached my security to? Yes, really scared. I had no savings, no conventional source of income and a three-year-old daughter to support. But I was listening to a bigger YES. A full-body YES, that wasn't walking away but was running ecstatically towards herself. 

In this new space, I started to rebirth the pieces of me I had abandoned. Through tantric yoga studies with teachers such as Sofia Sundari and Kim Anami, I developed a self-pleasure practice to connect me back to the beauty and power in my erotic nature. I began to show up to an ecstatic dance practice, where I explored the use of my body as a vessel to give my emotions movement and shape. As I surrendered my mind to my body on the dance floor, I no longer had to fear my emotions, I could just be witness to them.

I also began exploring my voice in a completely different resonance. Once focused on perfection in my performances, I started to view my voice as the purest bridge for my soul's expression. And by setting my intention in singing to share the light of God, I was able to quiet the old voice of my ego, telling me I wasn't "good enough."  Today there is no difference whether I am singing pop music to a packed venue with The 90's Band or leading a devotional Bhakti practice through mantra, chanting and Kirtan...I am always singing in the resonance of my soul.

One of my most profound moments of awakening came while on a retreat to Peru with ecotherapist and spiritual guide, Lauren Pacione. During an Ayahuasca ceremony, I had a vision of women gathering in a circle. But as I looked deeper into the vision, I became aware that these women were only shadows of themselves. My heart felt an immediate calling through them and I knew it was my purpose to create and hold space for women to retrieve the parts of ourselves that within our society, relationships, and the roles we play...gets lost somewhere in the shadows. I knew that by stepping into my highest and most authentic self, I could present this work to other women with unconditional love and transparency; opening them up to their own eroticism, freedom, beauty, and divinity.


I am a reflection for you to fall in love with what you see.

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No matter what type of experience she is leading, Bianca always brings grace, truth, and beauty. Her ability to hold a vast loving presence allows for deep inner expansion  - that is our true connection to our self and our source.  Her authenticity naturally draws out your own. 

I think of her as a spiritual alchemist because it’s kind of magical what happens in the room as her energy, words, movement, and music encourage a blossoming of an individual spirit.   There’s a freedom and free-flowing energy that is very alive, very present, very joyful.

 - M. Sochet


I’ve been thinking about your class all week. B you are a master at this craft. You created sacred space- and nothing about it felt virtual. Your words- and your heart behind those words- are so authentic. Without effort you created sacred space in a time where that feels like an impossible task. Simply by being you.

 - K.D, Yoga Student

Bianca is like Gold….Pure Heart, Pure Soul. Raw. And Real. Always present as she does all wholeheartedly and with purpose and intent. Since having met Bianca about 9 months ago, I have grown and learned so much about myself and life! She has a way of bringing me to places I’ve never been and allowing me to feel things I’ve never felt. She pushes me out of my comfort zone, while supporting me as I face my fears. I am forever grateful to have Bianca beside me as I dive into the depth of my soul and connect to the divine source. Feel blessed and lucky, almost as if I’ve struck Gold…

 - Ashley

Private Mentorship

Tonight was exactly what I needed. As I was driving home, I was thinking about all the things I learned about in just two hours. You can learn so much from others. What a wonderful sisterhood you are creating. It's beautiful and so needed! So very healing. Thank you. You are such a beautiful soul and have so much light and wisdom to share. 

 - Wild Woman


Finding Bianca is like finding pure radiant treasure.  Her effortless beauty is taken to another level because she allows her soul to  shine through her eyes & smile.  When we first met...I felt her energy immediately... and was like YES  I want that kind of magic.  I was skeptical at first being someone who inherently distrusts, lacks confidence and typically agrees with people seeking acceptance.  But I completed her program as a completely different person.  That person is ME!  Her divine guidance led me to find love for myself I never knew.

- Victoria

Private Mentorship



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